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Village Office: 9090 Marietta Street, PO Box 127, Bremen, Ohio 43107
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Bremen, Ohio is located in Fairfield County about 30 miles southeast of Columbus.

Bremen Zoning Map

Bremen Zoning Map


Village Government & Regulations

Mayor Tad Moyer  sworn into office.

Mayor Tad Moyer Sworn Into Office.

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Main Contact Number: 740-569-4788

Mayor: Tad Moyer

Clerk Treasurer: Kelley Tripp

Administrator Joe Barber

Utility Billing: Fran Drake

Income Tax Administrator: Tracy Lecrone

Council Members

  • Jane Wolfe, President
  • David Smith
  • Brady Kohen
  • Debbie Wolfe
  • Susan Schoenlaub
  • Mike Ghere

Starting in May, Council will begin meeting at 8 PM on the second Monday of each month at Village Offices.

Zoning Commission, Property Maintenance & Planning

  • Mike Ghere, Chairperson
  • Mayor Tad Moyer
  • Earl Lehman, Village Rep.
  • Scott Moyer, Village Rep.
  • Don Spangler, Village Rep.

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Design Review Board (DRB)
Village Center Downtown Commercial Business District - (Overlay District)

DRB Mission Statement

To protect, preserve and enhance Bremen's Historic Overlay District's physical attractiveness and historic quality while allowing for reasonable growth and development. Overall, we foster an inviting downtown image that is attractive, vibrant, healthy and safe.

The Design Review Board meetings are held monthly and/or as needed. For further information regarding this board please contact Carol Horvatin, chair, at 740-536-7545.

  • Carol Horvatin, Chairperson
  • Mike Ghere, Village Council Rep.
  • Dr. Jeff Wilson, Property Owner
  • Troy Trip, Property Owner
  • Jean Schmelzer, Property Owner
  • David Ray, Village Rep.
  • Junee VanDyke,Village Rep.

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Grants Committee

  • Meets: March, June, September, December, or as needed
  • Jane Wolfe, Chairperson
  • Joe Barber, Village Administrator
  • Connie Moyer, Chamber of Commerce
  • Eric Mahler, Chamber of Commerce
  • Troy Tripp, Village Rep.
  • Toni Harper, Village Rep.
  • Sue Henwood, Village Rep.


Council Committees

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Meets: Monthly
  • Jane Wolfe, Chairperson
  • Brady Kohen
  • Susan Schoenlaub


  • Meets: March, May, September, December, or as needed
  • Brady Kohen, Chairperson
  • Debbie Wolfe
  • Susan Schoenlaub

Pool, Parks & Recreation Committee

  • Meets: February, April, August, October, or as needed
  • Dave Smith, Chairperson
  • Debbie Wolfe
  • Brady Kohen

Records Commission Committee

  • Meets: February, May, August, November, or as needed
  • Dave Smith, Chairperson
  • Brady Kohen
  • Mike Ghere

Streets & Alley Committee

  • Meets: March, June, September, December, or as needed
  • Debbie Wolfe, Chairperson
  • Dave Smith
  • Susan Schoenlaub

Water and Sewer Committee

  • Meets: February, April, August, October, or as needed
  • Susan Schoenlaub, Chairperson
  • Jane Wolfe
  • Mike Ghere

Village Policy Review Committee

  • Meets: Quarterly
  • Debbie Wolfe, Chairperson
  • Dave Smith
  • Jane Wolfe

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Permits, Fees, & Rates

New Home/Building Over 300 Square Feet: $100 - Yellow

New Home/Building Under 300 Square Feet: $50 - Yellow

Fence: $25 - Green

Sign: $25 - White

Swimming Pool: $50 - Blue

Water Taps/Sewer Taps (both of these are for land annexed after May 2005)

  • Water Taps: $1500
  • Sewer Taps: $750

Water Rates

  • $15 (first 9000 gallons used per quarter)
  • $2 for each additional 1000 gallons

Sewer Rates

  • $25 (first 9000 gallons used per quarter)
  • $4.75 for each additional 1000 gallons

Garbage Rates

  • $10.36 per month
  • $8.48 per month (Senior Citzen)

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Village Photos

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Howell Park - World Class Horseshoe Pits

Rushcreek Fire Dept.

Sheriff Substation & Revitalization Office

Village Municipal Pool

Amish horse and buggy

Howell Park - playground

Bremen Rushcreek Memorial Branch Library

Bremen Village News

Zoning Board meeting Minutes

Maintenance meeting Minutes